Why the time to try Acupuncture is Now?

Why the time to try Acupuncture is Now?

Quite rarely have I, a new patient coming in with no particular complaint. In fact, in my years of practice, I remember only two and both of them were close friends of a patient that I helped earlier. I spend considerable amount of time with my patients, educating them about changes needed to be made to achieve the optimum results. In both cases my new patients were intrigued by the results their friend had achieved by making just simple changes in their diet and a few acupuncture treatments. They wanted to know what internal imbalances do they have and how to resolve them. Many colleagues of mine would agree that those are the patients we all dream about. Why? Because acupuncture works  best as a preventative care.

Acupuncturists are trained to diagnose internal imbalances based on signs and symptoms.

“Insignificant signs” (like feeling bloated, gas, feeling tired after food intake or waking up at night at the same time , etc.) leads your acupuncturist to identify internal body imbalance. If internal imbalance is not addressed it develops into a condition or a disease. No need to say, that it is easier for an acupuncturist help you to take under control an imbalance  than later treat a condition or disease.

Let’s take spinal stenosis (serious condition, where spinal canal is narrowed) as an example… Pinched nerves, debilitating pain, obvious decrease in the quality of life, and often times — disability, all these leave a patient only few ways out — spinal surgery, if it is deemed possible (and surgery brings with it more downtime, recovery and rehabilitation), or, in cases, where surgery is not possible — addressing the issue with heavy narcotic medication which comes with a cascade of side effects for pain control. It is hard to believe, but this problem has started years ago with some tight back muscles, which were left alone, and over time, this tightness led to increased pressure on the spinal disks,  compromised blood and lymph circulation in the area, and that inevitably brought on the start of the degenerative processes… All of these could have been relatively easily corrected at the very beginning of the process by a few acupuncture treatments combined with back-strengthening exercises and stretching. If you were to ask a patient with a spinal stenosis and in pain 24-7 , I believe there would not be many things that they wouldn’t have done to get rid of the pain.

Listen to your body, pay attention to the signs and symptoms it sends to you and  do not waste time if you have any concerns!

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