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The treatment I have received from Nelya de Brun can be described as nothing short of miraculous. I met her while trying to conceive and thanks to her treatments, care and encouragement, we will be celebrating my daughter’s first birthday in just a few weeks. In addition to helping prepare my body for pregnancy, I had treatments throughout my pregnancy as well as post partum and I am sure that is one of the reasons I had a very easy pregnancy and transition into motherhood. I plan to continue to see her regularly as her treatments help with all sorts of issues such as digestion, hormones and sleep. My husband has also seen her for back problems and several other members of our family have seen her for various other conditions, all with very positive results. I will not say I was a skeptic but to me “seeing is believing” and while I will try most anything, if the results are not tangible then I would not continue. Acupuncture with Nelya yields real, tangible and sometimes immediate results and is part of mine & my families ongoing wellness program. I would highly recommend her (and I have many times) to anyone who is serious about addressing health & wellness issues from alternative healthcare perspective.
C, Delray Beach, FL
Accupuncture has always appealed to me due to its ancient tradition and homeopathic approach. However, I was always skeptical of the results reported by others, up until my first session with Nelya! I had been suffering sore throats for a while and she suggested a preventative therapy. Nelya was very knowledgeable and answered my crazy questions! Recommended, very professional.
Jade, Indianapolis, IN

Having played soccer for 35 yrs and still playing, my neck and back would be in turmoil day after my games. The pain started to linger longer, so I decided to seek alternative help..dont like pills. I visited Dr. de Brun and found her very compassionate and knowledgeable about her pasion.acupuncture/oriental medicine. I didnt know what to expect, but it was very relaxing and almost painless. By the time I left her office , my pain was almost gone and I felt very relaxed. The pain stayed away till my next game, and now I see her on a semi regular basis. I love to play soccer and at 55 years old , she is helping my body to continue to play. Thanks Dr. Nelya.

Scott, Lake Worth, FL
Before beginning acupuncture treatment, I had a lot of concern about the needles. Nelya created a very comfortable environment and removed all my anxieties about the needles. I had expected pain but it was virtually unnoticeable. Going to acupuncture became a relaxing hour in my busy week. Nelya always was thorough in her questioning and treated me very effectively. You can tell how much she cares about her patients, even calling on the weekends to check on me. My body feels so much more balanced now after treatment for a few months, and I would recommend her to everyone!
Jasper, Lake Worth, FL

Within 3-4 treatments, I felt an improvement. I am feeling much better and the pain in my liver has gone away. For over 20 years, I suffered with Hepatitis C. I had pain and was uncomfortable in the side of the abdomen. It felt like a knife in my side much of the time. I couldn’t do much and I had no focus. I had a lot of discomfort from my condition and worried a lot about it. The medical doctors treated me with the Conventional Medical Treatment ~interferon combination therapy but there was no improvement and the drugs never solved the problem only made me very sick. On August , 2009 I came to the Classical Oriental Medicine Center and Dr. Neyla began acupuncture treatments and some herbal medicine on me- I was also given diet and nutrition guidelines. Within 3-4 treatments, in a period of about a week or so, I felt improvement, and this continued for quite a while. I am feeling much better and the pain has gone away. My blood test results were good and my liver test showed improvement. I have more energy, I am sleeping well, and my blood pressure is normal. I am more inclined to go out and more focused. I feel good about the results, but surprised because I did not expect such pronounced results. I continue to see Dr. Neyla about once a week and feel really fantastic, her prices are very reasonable so I can afford to keep coming! I refer others to the Classical Oriental Medicine, because of my own healing experience I receved from Dr. Neyla . The clinic is clean, professional, accommodating and relaxing. Dr. Nelya is wonderful and very polite and caring and available for any questions. I encourage others to be open minded and to be willing to try this- it could change your life , as it has mine. I now believe in turning to natural medicine first because it has really helped me so very much!

Captain Ram Brian Murphy, www.sailing-charters.org
Nelya is a wonderful, caring and compassionate person. Anyone who goes to her for accupuncture will find that so. She actually resolved the pain in my lower back where physical therapy did very little. This was the first time I tried accupuncture and was lucky that I found her. She spends time with you and you never feel rushed. A very comfortable environment. She will sit and talk to you and get to know and understand you situation. I would recommend her highly.
Peter, Boynton Beach, FL

When I first met Nelya I was going through a very difficult time suffering from a sudden attack of anxiety and panic attacks of which I had never experienced ever in my life. Since my early twenties I have utilized acupuncture into my health care, so I immidiately knew I would seek acupuncture to help me. Upon being greeted by Nelya I immidiately felt comforted and in good hands. She listened carefully as I explained what I was experiencing and took her time reassuring me that everything was going to be fine. Her skills as an acupuncturist were amazing and I never felt discomfort during my treatment. I began feeling immidiate results after the first treatment. I continued to see Nelya for a couple of months gradually needing less treatments until this day when I visit her for an occassional “tune up”. I am so grateful to Nelya for helping me during such an intense time in my life and am happy to say that I am panic attack free and the only medicine that I used was acupuncture. I have since referred several people to Nelya who are also very satisfied and have incorporated acupuncture into their lifestyle. I highly recommend Nelya to all!

Leanne, Lake Worth, FL

Nelya is a highly sensitive and intuitive healer. This gift of understanding enables her to treat the whole person beyond the obvious physical symptoms.

Karen, Lantana, FL
Nelya is terrific and I recommend her highly. I have weak lungs and in general a weak immune system. Her treatments have helped me prevent chronic asthma and keep me healthy . She is always caring and willing to try different treatments to find the best treatment for you. Acupuncture is not painful and in fact can be very relaxing.
Miriam, Wellington, FL

I suffered from Chronic Bursitis in my right elbow for over 10 years. During this time I went to the doctor at least three times a year for Cortisone shots which was the only way I could get any relief from the sever pain I experienced. While these shots did relieve the pain most times, they did not work every time which was very distressing and when they did work the benefits of the shots were only temporary and caused additional tissue and cartridge damage to my elbow. During these tens years I also wore various braces, straps, and ace bandages to try and help fix and or relieve the pain in my elbow, but any relief was temporary and or minor if any at all. At the request of my Doctor I went to a Physical Therapist for therapy to try and relieve the pain to my elbow as well as resolve it, unfortunately physical therapy did absolutely nothing to help at all. Without finding any relief I went to a sports medicine practice, where I received an MRI of my elbow and was told I needed in hospital surgery to remove the damaged tissue. This surgery was risky because the recovery was long and relief was not assured and also very expensive. After hearing this distressing diagnosis I decided to look into and read up on alternative medical procedures. Also while practicing Yoga our instructor brought up the benefits of Acupuncture and advised that they would be conducting a seminar on its benefits and that’s where I met Nelya de Brun. With nothing to lose I attended the class and spoke with her about my situation. She said that she would be happy to consult with me and then you would decide if a series of Acupuncture sessions was warranted or not. Fortunately for me, Nelya advised that it was worth a try but I should not expect miracles because the problem I had was very severe which caused more damage to the area during the past ten years of traditional medical treatments.Well I could not have been happier with the result. After only four treatments I began to feel some pain relief in my elbow, and by the tenth and final treatment the pain in my elbow was virtually gone. It took a few additional months for the pain to be entirely gone on its own, just as she said and hoped it would. the acupuncture treatments stimulated the elbows surrounding tissues to heal themselves, waking them up sort to speak and making them go to work repairing themselves. But as Nelya de Brun said the reason my treatments worked as well as they did is because I followed her instructions to the letter, did not stress my elbow during the treatments and diligently applied Moxibustion smoke therapy three times a day for about two months, during and after treatments stopped. Now several years later I can say that I have no pain “ZERO” in my elbow. My general practitioner was amazed at the result. When ever I get the opportunity I tell everybody that will listen to look at alternative medicine and tell them my extraordinary experience and results working with your Acupuncture practice.I cant thank you enough for your help, I was told there was no alternative then surgery and even then without any guarantee of a positive result. So its amazing to think that after only ten sessions of Acupuncture my elbow pain is gone and has been for several years now. Thank you.

Peter, Royal Palm Beach, FL
Nelya is very thorough, shows authentic concern for the issues I was having and my kids were having. I had acupuncture for migraines before but was a little skeptical it would work for weight loss and to speed up my metabolism but it worked. The biggest benefits are not having to take medicine to change my body, sleeping better, feeling better overall I would absolutely recommend Nelya de Brun, she’s very responsive and cares. It’s hard to find that.
Becki, Wellington, FL
I went to Nelya in desperation. I was experiencing some chronic feminine issues that were not being cleared up by regular doctors. Traditional doctors had tried many treatments although nothing had worked; I was going to be scheduled for surgery. I had heard about Nelya from a friend, and although I had never tried acupuncture before, I was willing to give it a chance. If anything; I hoped she would provide me with little relief. I met with Nelya and she took her time. She listened to my symptoms with genuine concern and with a humble confidence that she could help me. Within a few hours after my treatment with Nelya, my symptoms began to subside considerably. Before the end of the day; they were completely gone!! I was flabbergasted! I continued to see Nelya on a regular basis, and she continued with treatments which not only brought my system into balance, it also saved me from unneeded surgery. I am so impressed not only with Nelya’s calm and skillful manner; I also appreciate the thoroughness of her work. I have brought my daughter to her, and have sent numerous friends to her, and will continue to do so.
Lourders, Lake Worth, FL
Nelya made me feel comfortable from the moment of meeting. She was very warm, welcoming, and supportive. I’d been to acupuncture before, and I was seeking a replacement to support overall well being and work on some specific issues. It’s been very effective in reducing back pain, enhancing sleep quality, and correcting digestive disturbance. I would highly recommend Nelya. She is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra step to be sure you leave with relief. Her approach is holistic, thoughtful, and thorough!
Dax, Lake Worth, FL
Nelya really cares about her customers, their problems and sincerely wants her customers to heal. First time I went to get a treatment from her I was already open for acupuncture. It had helped me years earlier with my shoulder problems. I took few treatments from Nelya and it was helping me with my aces and pains. But the help I received from those treatments was so much deeper, I could never even dream about. It released some old blockage and started to heal me from a very deep level. Her treatments have helped me tremendously to move the quilt and extra burden, that I never even new was there, out of my life. Her treatments also calm me down as well as help at the physical level. I recommend Nelya from the bottom of my heart for everybody and every problem you have being it a physical or mental. She knows what she is doing. She studied with the leading acupuncturist and teachers in her field. I think highly of her and her skills in acupuncture and Chinese herbalogy.
Mary, Lantana, FL